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Definition of COLIC:
1: an attack of acute abdominal pain localized in a hollow organ and often caused by spasm, obstruction, or twisting
2: a condition marked by recurrent episodes of prolonged and uncontrollable crying and irritability in an otherwise healthy infant that is of unknown cause and usually subsides after three to four months of age
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Origin of COLIC
Middle English, from Medieval Latin colica (passio) intestinal (suffering), from Late Latin colicus of the colon, colicky, from Greek kōlikos, from kōlon, alteration of kolon colon
First Known Use: 15th century
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Colic is an umbrella term and has other names such as:

Infant Acid Reflux

Infant Constipation

Colicky Baby

Baby Gas

Newborn Sleep Problems

Fussy Baby

...and many more.

Parents have three options to deal with their baby's colic:

  1. Over the counter medicine

  2. Natural remedies

  3. Ignore the fussiness, gas, sleeplessness and acid reflux pain cries

Over the counter 'cures' DO NOT WORK, they mask the colic symptoms instead of treating the underlying condition. When symptoms are masked your baby may be 'happy' but he or she is still in distress because the colic source hasn't been repaired. Ignoring your baby's cry for help isn't an option either. What you need to know is that colic has a multitude of sources and some babies have more than one source of colic. Like peeling layers of an onion, we uncover more than a dozen underlying root causes to provide a comprehensive approach to resolving infant colic. You'll learn 'the why' of colic sources and how to treat them.

Where does colic come from? Colic has many root causes and in the worst cases, root causes interplay creating a complex web that must be unwound to achieve full colic relief. Our Remedies for Infant Acid Reflux and Colic guide equips parents to help their child achieve total colic relief by eliminating colic root sources one-by-one. In this guide you'll learn colic remedies that are recommened by medical doctors, homeopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, certified nurse mid-wives and lactation consultants. You'll gain an understanding into specific colic root sources and why they cause colic and how to heal your baby. Some say colic can't be resolved but THEY ARE WRONG. You'll learn why one remedy works for one child but not for another and the keys to achieving lasting colic relief.

Research shows that fixing colic is necessary because the exhaustion associated with colic can lead to serious problems such as:

  1. Relationship stress

  2. Breastfeeding failure

  3. Shaken baby syndrome

  4. Postpartum depression

  5. ER visits

  6. Infant & maternal obesity

  7. Automobile accidents

No parent or child should have to live through this. As a child grows colic may take a different form but it doesn't magically go away. Our guide helps parents find the root colic source and eliminate it.

This guide reveals more than a dozen underlying root causes of colic and then it equips you to get total colic relief for your baby. Doctor visits, medication and missing work are expensive but Nurse By Nature's Remedies for Infant Colic puts colic and newborn acid reflux relief within reach of parents are looking for an affordable colic remedy.

Affordable colic relief is within reach of parents who want a holistic colic treatment for their child.

More than a dozen root sources of colic and acid reflux are uncovered in our 44-page guide; 4 are:

  1. Trauma incurred during the delivery.

  2. An immature GI.

  3. Breastfeeding issues.

  4. Infant constipation.

Nurse by Nature's 44-page colic relief guide uncovers more than a dozen colic root sources and you'll learn a multi-facted approach to achieving full relief for colic in infants, babies and newborns.

Not only will you learn about the root sources and how to heal your babie's colic but also you'll get recommendations for: top rated products, a homemade formula recepie, insight to finding the best doctors, understanding how to keep mommy and baby healthy, knowing what a breast infection may indicate, the difference between band-aid fixes and lasting colic remedies and more.

A sample from Chapter 2:

...Once the good bacteria have colonized the GI (which can take weeks to months), the GI tract will be “mature” and your baby will peacefully digest their food without colic, acid reflux, constipation and projectile vomiting. Sometimes Step #1 provides children with complete colic relief but not always. Colic is like an onion and sometimes there are many layers to peel away before 100% relief. If your child has multiple root sources of colic keep reading this guide and we'll help you find and treat the root cause. So let's review the “how to” of Step #1... Nurse By Nature's Remedies for Infant Reflux & Colic, Page 10.

The information in the guide has taken several years to assemble. It comes from medical professionals, the latest research, top rated products and personal experience raising 4 children.

You won't find a comprehensive guide like this anywhere.

Most colic 'remedies' are myths which cover-up colic symptoms instead of healing the root cause. Some of the common myths are:

  1. Gripe water & Colic Calm. Chapter 2. For certain children it has short-term benefits but it ultimately covers-up colic symptoms. It does not resolve the underlying root cause of colic in infants.

  2. Prilosec. The lack of prilosec is not causing colic, so why administer it?

  3. Infant Massage. Chapter 3. Massage is a useful tool but it doesn't heal colic's root source.

  4. Noise machines. Same as above.

  5. Milk of magnesia for infant constipation. Chapter 5. NO! This will hurt your child, don't feed it to them.

  6. Shorter/frequent feedings. Chapter 5. A qualified no. This could work or cause a chain reaction of events leading to colic worsening and breast infections depending on the situation. Be careful! Our guide helps you navigate these waters safely.

  7. Wait it out. Chapter 1. NO! He/She's in pain! Some parents have reported colic symptoms continuing for 6-9 months; mom and baby should not have to suffer like this! We have answers!

These colic remedy myths are often touted as cures. They are coping mechanisms and none of them fix the colic's root cause! Our guide teaches you to see beyond these colic myths and heal the REAL CAUSES of colic. Protect mom's and baby's health with Nurse by Nature's Remedies for Infant Reflux & Colic 44-page guide.

Customers get these benefits:

  1. How to naturally treat infant acid reflux, colic and constipation.

  2. How to prevent colic, acid reflux and constipation from reappearing.

  3. A convenient list of top rated products for baby and mommy.

  4. Understanding how to detect the root source of your baby's colic.

  5. Advice to locate the best medical professional for your precious little one.

  6. Detailed instructions to administer each remedy.

  7. Insight into how each root source causes colic.

  8. Affordable colic remedies.

  9. A peaceful night of sleep.

  10. BONUS: A free guide "Baby Safety Tips".

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